logo What does it take to turn a standard car into a real status symbol? It is creative experts who know their craft very well and, in addition, have a feel for impressive looks. Some of the best of them are working for Rensson!
Rensson stands for high-value car tuning. That is why we refuse to build off-the-shelf products into our clients' cars. Rensson provides you with high-quality car customization to design deluxe automobiles that you have been dreaming about for so long.

Feel free to browse our online showroom to discover the broad range of car tuning services offered by Rensson! It is your chance to even make top automobiles such as Mercedes, BMW, Audi or Porsche look more elegant.

Our design philosophy is set to turn standard cars into unique versions. Rensson rims, pipes and spoilers together with a Rensson car body improve your automobile's look as well as performance. More HP, high-torque drives and a signature sound are the ruling hallmarks of cars customized by Rensson. We furthermore refine the style of your car's interior make-up by using only the best materials: Leather, Alcantara, wood and aluminium do not just look precious; they more importantly constitute the reasons why Rensson Designs are so prominent for their outstanding appearances.

Wider, lower, faster - These are the three main characteristics of a car perfectly custom-made by Rensson. Our premium design combines racing features with high-class visual effects. You should trust our experienced staff of car technicians and automobile designers if you aspire to drive a car that sets a benchmark for others and reflects your distinctive classiness.