High technology from a nature background

Rensson cars are unique; so is the company's domicile. Rensson's garages are situated in a manor house from the 19th century and located on a 25,000-square-meter plot. Nowadays, you find our offices, check rooms and R&D departments where once racehorses were reared. The manor house was refurbished just some years ago and is renowned for its traditional style along with some modern architectural highlights. Rensson is located close to the internationally known Saar Loop which has shown to inspire Rensson's staff as the right environment for the growth of ideas and thoughts.

Rensson's success guarantee: high-skilled employees

CEO René Filler was able to attract a competent team of car technicians and car designers who add their skills to the founder's already 20-year lasting activities in the automobile business. René Filler has acquired a great renown as a car stylist since 2001. His creative Rensson garages are located in Merzig, Saarland (Germany), close to the German-French-Luxembourg border.

René Filler is proud of his ambitious team of experts who are capable of realizing even the most complicated visions for the success of their projects. Rensson's clients demand top quality and unique concepts. By doing this, they give us the excitement so motivating that we start to work enthusiastically together with the goal of fulfilling our customers' expectations. Rensson's well-trained car technicians, experienced designers and international partners from the automobile industry cooperate closely to exploit their complete know-how for your car tuning that is supposed to look perfect in every detail.