Creativity and expertise together bring the best results

Do not conform! Rather try to stand out from the crowd! Your life will feel better if the rare objects belong to you. Rensson cars provide you with seldom moments. Our custom-made automobiles are convincing in their designs and state-of-the-art equipment. Rensson aims to craft unique cars based on clear concepts and realized by skillful workers.

Get more potential from your car!

Start to think about acquiring an improved engine for more performance and a racing sound; imagine that your car body and interior make-up look more elegant. Rensson is specialized in tuning top makes of cars with the help of modern technologies and the latest constructive findings from the automobile industry and auto racing. You should experience this new level of emotions while driving your customized Rensson Design car!

We make your vision come true

We think cars are perfect for presenting your individual taste and lifestyle to the people around you. Rensson helps you to realize your vision - from our first talk together until the final presentation. We have the knowledge, experience and team spirit to customize your car according to your expectations and needs.


Rensson knows and creates trends although our cars are designed to reflect their owners' unique personality. Rensson Design is shown at the most successful car exhibitions and in the best clubs all over Europe. Many celebrities and athletes belong to Rensson's elite customers. We share their pride in the select versions of Rensson Design automobiles and are pleased to have understood the exclusive taste of creative people and extrovert entrepreneurs. It is true: High standards do not paralyze us; they are rather motivating to deliver top-quality work!

Learn to love luxury

"Unique concepts for unique cars", this is our credo! Try driving a car designed by Rensson and you will learn that there is more behind an automobile than sole mobility. You will enjoy every moment in it on the way to your goal. Value materials will improve your car's interior as well as outside appearance. Rensson provides you with the best leather, flawless paint jobs and the latest high-tech equipment. Up-to-date A/V appliances are integrated to entertain every passenger. Together with a strong engine and a distinctive design do Rensson automobiles affect all senses.